Penumbra Tarot


1. a space of partial illumination between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light;

2. a surrounding or adjoining region in which something exists in a lesser degree; a fringe;

3. something that covers, surrounds, or obscures; a shroud.

Since I was small, I have been fascinated with the tarot. When I was alone, I used to sneakily steal a peak at my mother’s deck which was tucked away amongst her books; mysterious cards with a blue check backing and worn sides, slightly bigger in size than playing cards, filled with images and symbols that spoke of deep truths and universal movements. They were like a sad fairytale; chess pieces; a dance of whose origin I did not learn until much later, although many of the cards still hold mystery.

I have since become an artist of my own design, an evolution and identity that grown alongside my witchcraft. I knew that one day, I would illustrate a deck of my own. The images would be mine, the meanings would be mine, but their design would be connected with a wider library whose threads tug at many of us as diviners, collectors and lovers of story. The Tarot.

The Penumbra Tarot is an ongoing project where I have been creating my own tarot deck, influenced by the Smith-Waite and Thoth decks. I began working on this deck in 2013 and some cards have been repainted 3 times. Each image is done with watercolour, pen, coloured pencil and acrylics on paper.

As of the end of 2019 the Major Arcana illustrations are fully complete. I aim to finish the Minor Arcana over the course of 2020 and have the deck available for release in 2021.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with my progress on the deck, check out the private Facebook group where I share works in progress, fresh illustrations and other tidbits as I move along finishing the Minor Arcana.

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