Oh hey there. My name is Eris Elizabeth and I am an artist and witch who weaves in Western Australia.

Creativity is in my bones and my blood. As an artist, I seek to tap into the realms of the subconscious, the Other, that which is on the edge of our perception. I like to paint with a variety of mediums, and I also explore using 3D and 4D media. My art practice is woven into my spirituality, and this is also manifesting in my tarot project, the Penumbra Tarot.

I am a witch in the modern sense of the word; I adopt an animistic view of the universe and at times have described my theology as panentheist, transdeist, eclectic and a ‘rubbery polytheist’ until I finally learned to let go, to play, and to allow the flow to be within and without. I have always been fascinated with religion, history and culture and being pagan is an excellent way to explore where my heart pulls. There is no turning back from that moment you dedicate yourself as a witch.

My craft is ecstatic and experiential. I play with herbs and I burn things and hug trees; I talk to animals and sip weird teas. I subscribe to the assertion that the personal is political is spiritual. I love to write about my experiences and once wrote as The Chaos Witch in a previous blogging lifetime.

My craft comprises of tea drinking, leaving offerings for Hekate, chatting to magpies that hang out on the powerlines and hugging trees who sometimes hug back. My pagan path has taken me along the paths of eclectic Wicca, chaos magic, and bardic druidry, with a special interest in localising my practices for the Australian context. I am also a Reclaiming Witch, and I am keen on developing Reclaiming Community in Western Australia.

Is your art work for sale?

Not at the moment! Watch this space.

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Western Australia Reclaiming Community

Please flick me an email if you’ve got any more questions.

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