How to Know You’re a Witch

So, you’re witch-curious. But how do you know you’re really a witch? Are there special signs? Symbols? Feelings or energies?

Is there a tarot reading you can get that will tell you? Maybe a psychic told you at a new age fair once, but you’re still not sure?

I’ll tell you a secret. 

If you have to ask… “Am I witch?” …the answer is, probably not. If you’re leaning on YouTube videos from 20 somethings who talk too fast to give you the answers: definitely not.

You just know.

Are you a witch?

The truth of it thrums through the fibers of your being.

It plucks at the threads that connect you on the grand web of life.

It connects you to that Red Thread, and it tells you. You’re a witch. I’m a witch. Absolutely. 

The truth of it threads through candle smoke. You can read it like a book. Everything – the trees, the cement, the weeds, the suburban birds, the corpse of the dead cat on the street, is singing with energies that you can play with, that you manipulate. It’s poetry in motion, and you are the singer. It’s not something you ask permission to do.

If you have to ask, you’re not ready. And maybe you never will be.