Volta Tarot

The Volta Tarot is a project around 5 years in the making. During this time have been slowly working on my own tarot deck based on my own intuitive understandings of the traditional tarot system, influenced by the Smith-Waite deck but also guided by my own divination, and have put much of my own art practice on hold while I get this finished.

The world of the Volta Tarot is a timeless one, unconstrained by a particular set of expectations or agenda. However it is not without context, and as an artist I feel that all artworks are a reflection of my own inner and outer world. As such there are some aspects of my personal, social and cultural identity have leaked through into the depictions of the people, gods, spirits, colours, plants and animals in this deck. The word Volta speaks of a current, a jump, a spark of energy – it is an energetic deck confident in its message.

I have sought to create a deck that I would want to use for myself as a tool, and I have also taken it as a journey of personal exploration. Not all cards that I have completed are presented here. For example, this incarnation of the High Priestess is the 3rd variation of that particular composition and there are other cards that I have created artworks for that are still being tweaked and redesigned. I have created around 30 artworks towards this project, not all of them finished pieces, and I consider many of these images fluid in their finality as far as design goes. It’s all a work in progress…

At this time I have no solid plans for publishing, I am solely focused on completing each card as it comes to me. This gallery is a sample of works so far ‘completed’ for this project.

*The gallery has been closed for renovations while I revise the layout of the cards! Check out images from the tarot at my Facebook page here.